Screenwriting 101: Learning to Thank the Antagonist

Description: You want me to say thank you? To the villain? To the bad person? Of course, this sounds a bit strange, but if you think about it, stories don’t really get going until the protagonist starts on a journey, and we have our antagonist to thank for making that happen. Curious to know how it all works? Then please join Rene Rawls as she leads a workshop-styled class where participants will not only learn about the basic components of screenwriting, but they’ll also learn something about themselves.

Sule the Proverb Detective

Rene Rawls is a writer whose work focuses on bringing underrepresented characters and their distinct voices to the forefront of children’s media. She holds an MA in Mass Communication, Concentration in Film, Video and Digital Imaging and an MFA in TV and Screenwriting. She has participated in the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and is the author of The Screenwriter’s Guide to Basic Structure and Character.